Friday, August 3, 2012

Yummy Real Life Doughnuts!

When was the last time you had a doughnut?   I mean a "real" warm out of the oven doughnut.   I remember eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts before I turned gluten free 12 years ago.  ::Whisper:: Wanna know a secret?  I could eat an entire dozen by myself!!!  (Especially when they were hot!)  I thought the days of eating doughnuts were a distant memory.  My kids longed to know what a doughnut tasted like as they drooled over their friends treats.  Enter Babycakes NYC!    

I know you are thinking great - NYC!  I know what that means....New York City.  Never in my life will I eat them then.   True and not true:)  There are three Babycake Bakeries in the United States.  One is in NYC, one in LA, and one in Orlando.    Last year when we were in Orlando for a conference, going to Babycakes was at the top of my agenda!  No way was I leaving without a doughnut!  

It was gluten free allergy free heaven!!!
Did you know all of their baked goods are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, nut free, and most are corn free too?  (The only corn is in their baking powder and confectioners sugar as corn starch.  I have been told they occasionally have cornbread also.) 

These yummy gems come at a price though.  Six doughnuts or cupcakes for $18.00.  Yes, you read that correctly:)  Take a moment to breathe and then continue reading.....

Better?  Good.  The good news is that Erin the owner wrote a cookbook with the recipe in it.  So not only can you have the yummy doughnuts, you won't have to take out a second mortgage to afford them.  

Not only that!  She did an interview with Bon Appetit and they were allowed to post the recipe on-line.  Since, it is legally on-line I will not reproduce it here.  

You can find the full recipe here:

Couple of Hints for you though:

1.  I have found using spray oil (Crisco) rather than swiping the pans with straight oil works the best.  I found the nifty doughnut trays online at Amazon. 

2.  I use a tablespoon to measure the dough into the pans.  I place 2 tablespoons in first and then divide the remaining dough evenly.

3.  The recipe says to use a toothpick to evenly distribute the dough in the mold.  Um, well, I haven't found that too effective.  I just wash my hands well and use my finger.  A lot less time consuming!

4.  This recipe uses A LOT of vanilla.  One recipe uses one 2 oz bottle from a normal market.  May I suggest, a large bottle from Costco/Sam's.  I have used both the Kirkland brand and the Tones brand of PURE (NOT imitation) Vanilla successfully.

5.  One note on the cookbook.  Not all the recipes are gluten free.  Just didn't want you to be disappointed  when you cracked open the book and found a glutenous recipe.  

6. Enjoy:)

Here is a final picture.  These are the true gems from Babycakes. Mine look almost as good.  Better yet, they don't break the bank!

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