Friday, October 19, 2012

Straight Off the Shelf - Pickles

Okay, well I haven't posted for a few weeks.  Life has happened around here:)  It is amazing how fast time moves before you realize "Ugh!  Three weeks since the last post?!?!"  So instead of getting all upset, I am just jumping back on the wagon and starting over.   You might even get two posts today!  

I thought it would be helpful if once or twice a month I take a quick photo of an item I am able to buy at any major market straight off the shelf for my kids.  Yes, I use the old fashioned word "market" for grocery store.  Chalk it up to living a year in Boston.  I still use the word "carriage" for cart too.   I never did say I was normal!

Pickles.  That is this weeks Straight Off the Shelf item.  These will often go on BOGO at my local Publix.  The cashier(s) will laugh when they see me come through with 12 jars of pickles.  Bread and Butter and Dills are our favorites.  Be Careful.  Some of the Mt. Olive brands contain Splenda.  We personally don't use any item containing Splenda.   (Please remember that we do use products with Corn Syrup as it does not seem to affect our son.)  

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