Friday, October 26, 2012

Straight Off the Shelf: Rotisserie Chicken

This week we are getting ready for a family vacation.  Ocean Breezes and Sunsets await us after a 6 hour drive.  We are beyond excited!  With all the organizing, cleaning, arranging of meals, and packing before the trip, regular dinner planning is sometimes overlooked.  When that happens, Costco is my friend.  Their chicken is safe for my most sensitive munchkin.  I added some leftover broccoli and pasta to the plate and viola! - dinner was served.  Tonight, I am boiling the leftover chicken/bones for a quick soup using up small amounts of vegetables still in the fridge (cabbage, carrots, squash, onion).  It makes a quick dinner and ensures that there are no science experiments growing in the fridge by the time I come home.  Happy Eating:)

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